A Personal Pet Portrait

Here’s a pet portrait I just did that is very personal to me.  This is my little girl, Sweetie.  I lost Sweetie last October after 11 years together.  I found her during a bike ride.  She had been abandoned out in the country.  She was almost starved, and sick with parasites.  We nursed her back to health, and she was my constant companion.  I was finally able to do her portrait, which now hangs in my dining room, along with my other friend, Buddy, whom I lost almost three years ago.  I miss them so much, but the paintings keep them fresh in my memory.

Sweetie final


  1. Jeannine

    Lovely. You can feel her soul. Really touching. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Kristie king

    I have 5 dogs that I would love to get you to paint Please email me at the below email. My cell is 615-500-8909

  3. Debra Lopez

    What do I do to get further info on portrait. Five days ago I lost my 14 yr old bulldog. I have a terrible heartache.. Lola was a rescue w a tragic life b4 me. I love n miss her horribly. I am a 60 yr old woman in disability but would love something grande to have n remember my companion.

  4. Shelley

    How much do you charge to do pet portraits?

  5. Betty Green

    Interested in a portrait of my daughter’s dog. Could you email me some pricing information?

  6. Michele

    Please send prices. I have a hysterical Iris setter grandson that I may like a portrait of if affordable. Thank you

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